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Sometimes I like to blog about what I’m working on to share my progress before it gets done, as well as having a space to write about aspects that aren’t going to make it in to the final piece.

The Journey of a Hamilton Aca-Fan is my blog related to my current dissertation research. I post about going to see the show, as well as general thoughts and ideas that won’t make it into the dissertation. It allows me to be both academic and fan of the production.

Deviate From the Norm is my blog related to much of my other research. I see deviation not as a negative, but simply as what it is: a deviation, or difference, from the “norm” that society has created. This is where the bulk of my research lies. Disability is a deviation that is created and upheld by society. Being a fan is a deviation from the “norm.” Being Deaf is a deviation from the “norm.” This allows me to share information, as well as research work, with others who might have a similar interest to my own.

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